Catalunya (CAT)

In Catalonia, the project will take place in three cities:

Tortosa, located on the banks of the river Ebre in southern Catalonia, it has been over time a city of confluence and border, a crossroad. Is the historic capital of the Terres de l’Ebre region. Over two thousand years of history have created this heritage city, a gateway to the Mediterranean sea through the river.
Today Tortosa has a population of 34,697 inhabitants. Is the capital of the Baix Ebre, the economy is characterized by a significant primary sector and, above all, for being a key centre for trade and services.

Girona is a unique city on a human scale with all the charm of a larger city. The historic old town with its museums, former medieval Jewish quarter, quality shopping, excellent restaurants and many outstanding cultural events on offer means this lively city can be enjoyed by visitors at any time of the year. Culture comes alive in Girona. The city is restless, curious and very open to any different cultural events that artists and organisers want to present in this unique setting.
This lively city will always hold something in store to delight visitors.
Olot, city of volcanoes, is located at the intersection of three valleys crossed by the river Fluvia, in the middle of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa.
The history of Olot takes place closely linked to its physical environment, to earthquakes, to the conditions of volcanic soil and a landscape that has been a source of inspiration for landscape artists of the School of Olot and its successors .
Olot is the capital of the region of La Garrotxa, noted for its industrial and commercial activity and rich cultural life.